Friday, 22 August 2014

[W2] Clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do

Some food for thought. I wonder how many students in Computing are aspiring to start their own company.

From what I can see, the CS3216 class is buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit, with much talk about starting your own company and all. Many alumnis/tutors seem to have certain success in their venture; students talk about starting their company without any "if"-s or "if not"-s. Sometimes I wonder if that's how silicon valley feels like as well. I really hope to explore the USA one day but that's a story for another day. This class makes me think that the entrepreneurial scene in Singapore is not as dead as it seems and Singaporeans may not be as risk averse as I have thought us lot to be.

The catch is that this is a small class and the nature of the class itself may already cause a sample bias. I would expect entrepreneurial students to want to take this module over the others.

If it is truly representative, computing school would be where the entrepreneurs are made, instead of the business school. Well, before I started university, I had a preconceived notion that business school is where you learn how to do "business" and by extension, starting a business as well. (I wasn't a really informed kid back then) The reality of the business school scene is that it is filled with talks about which big corporations has the best remuneration or the best work-life balance. It is very much similar to how it is in the UK, where top business graduates are absorbed by the investment banks and consulting firms. The start-up community in business school is niche at best.

Well, both has its good and bad. In the end, the path one takes really depends on one's priorities and expectations of life. Among the 1001 reasons for and against entrepreneurship, the only significant ones would be those that matter to us. If any NUS start-up becomes truly recognized globally, that would be an accomplishment worth celebrating for.

/end food for thought.

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  1. You should talk to Su Yuen, she will tell you of several NUS startups that have become pretty big. One of them is tenCube started by Darius Cheung, which was bought over by McAfee for a tidy sum ($15m according to this article: