Friday, 8 August 2014


A year 4 Biz student, taking 3 modules this semester (Business Honours year project for the rest). A little old, I know..

My motivation for taking up this module is very simple. I am interested in app development and this module is the short-cut for me to pick up the ropes of app development within a structured learning environment (albeit minimally structured) as well as know people who are awesome at it.

^ That's my expectations for this module. 1. Learn programming. 2. Meet friends. ☺

Now for what I bring to the table for my (future) team. (Passion alone does not make me a useful member in these fast-paced project after all) I have some basic programming foundations, and rather decent designing skills. By designing I am referring to both my technical and artistic ability. This positions me nicely as someone suitable for front-end UI design, though I wouldn't say I am really that good at that. I am probably more suitable marketing the idea since, (excluding the MKT1003 Marketing module I have done 3 years back as a freshman) I have taken both MNO2009 Entrepreneurship and IS1112 e-Business Essentials which gives me a good amount of paper experience in marketing ideas and writing business proposals. Of course, amidst all the seriousness, I hope to inject some fun and laughter here and there as well!

Thanks for reading this. I hope to know all of you better, course-mates and tutors alike. Cheers!

P.S. In case you were wondering, I can't S/U this module because I only have 4 MCs of S/U left. ;)

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