Wednesday, 29 October 2014

[W11] Wavenique

Just a short update on our most recent endeavour:

We are working on Wavenique, an app to manage your online music content better.

Check out to find out more. (And subscribe yourself to our early invite list :) )

If you like listening to music, we also invite you to contribute to our market survey here:

P.S. If you google Wavenique, we are now the top result!

// end promotion message

To share some updates on our progress, I'd want to say that my group has pretty good dynamics so far. Their pace of life suits mine pretty well, and this includes plenty of break time, tea time, etc. Often, this break is well needed for me as well, to recharge from the exhaustion from other involvements beside CS3216.

Despite that, they constantly surprise me with the quality of work, I gotta say that I am quite impressed thus far with what they have produced. If any of you read this, good job!

All these are done while meeting the deadlines reasonably, and without late nights in school. I hope things stay this way in the future as well!

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