Monday, 1 September 2014

[W4]Give your all to me, give my all to you

I'm typing this while on the last bus home. This is the second Sunday I'm spending with my group out of these 4 weeks of school. Assignment 1 is coming to an end soon, and I hope things go well for us in the remaining time.

I got to say that time has passed really fast yet feels really slow this semester. As we were walking to food clique to eat our dinner, it dawned on me that such pace of life usually only happens on week 8 or 9 of my semester. Yet, it is only barely week 4 now!

Coupled with my business school final year project, which started last semester and spans over 2 semesters, life has been intensive with only some occasional breather in between. (Years of intensive studying has taught me that knowing when to take a break is an important skill to remain productive.)

Nonetheless, it has been fun. Even though I'm only doing the ui/ux side of things, it is still gratifying when things turn out the way you coded them to be.

One major roadblock for me, however, is trying to integrate Facebook properly. The documentation is not user-friendly and when an error occurs, one can hardly find out the cause through Facebook documentation itself. There is nothing we can do, however, except to try everything to make it work.

Anyway, I'm almost home now, so it is time to continue crafting the perfect ux for Planendar.


  1. I'm surprised you found things slow.. Su Yuen and I were just talking last night about how crazy fast this semester has been. >.<

  2. It's really fast for me too. It's just that the workload is so intensive that it feels like week 8 or 9 of a normal semester.

    And then I realise it's only week 4, that's when I go "What? It's only Week 4?" and hence the slow part. :P